Fundraising with Frog In A Teacup

  • An easy way to increase education for sustainable development as a part of everyday practice.
  • Sugar and plastic free fundraising.
  • Reduce your waste removal costs.
  • Encourage eco-friendly lunchboxes to avoid wasteful packaging and expense (let alone unhealthy snack food).

For your families:

Each set contains 1 wrap perfectly sized for sandwiches, rolls, etc, and 2 snack size wraps which can easily be folded into bags or around smaller items such as cut-up produce, crackers, and other nutritious snacks. They are not suitable for hot or wet foods, Vegans, or those allergic to Bees/Bee products or Coconut oil.

Wide variety of family-friendly designs including animals, patterns, and characters.

Reusable, sustainable, biodegradable, fun, and Australian-made & owned.

Handmade in Brisbane with 100% cotton, local beeswax, and organic certified coconut oil.

Online Overview:

  1. Once booked in with the attached form, you will receive an information letter to distribute to your families via email.


  2. Parents/carers browse the range online, enter the unique code for your center and pay with either PayPal, Credit Card, or Bank transfer.


  3. Orders are posted directly to customers in packaging including your logo. Postage is $1.50/set paid at the time of ordering.


  4. Your organization receives 20% of the total sales (excluding postage) made with your unique code at at the end of the event.

Onsite Overview:

Please Note this is only available in Brisbane and surrounds.


  1. Display stock in your chosen location on site which will be provided to you.
  2. Distribute the information letter to your families.
  3. Families purchase preferred sets and make payments to you.
  4. You keep 20% of all sales made (lost & damaged sets must be paid for) and deposit the balance into Frog In A Teacup bank account once the Fundraiser completed.
  5. Unsold stock and display are collected so you don’t need to store or pay for it.

Fundraising Application Form