Fundraising with Frog In A Teacup

  • Sugar and plastic free fundraising.
  • An easy way to increase education for sustainable development as a part of everyday practice.
  • Reusable, Sustainable Solutions that are Handmade in Brisbane Australia.
  • Reduce your waste removal costs.
  • Encourage eco-friendly lunchboxes to avoid wasteful packaging and expense (let alone unhealthy snack food).
  • Wide variety of Litterless Lunch products to cater to everyone.

For your community

A huge range of handmade Sustainable Solutions for Litterless Lunches.

·         Reusable Wraps in a wide variety of family-friendly designs including animals, patterns, and characters.

·         Bamboo Straws with brush and cotton carry pouch.

·         Washable Paper Lunch bags.

·         Thermal Bottles and Keep Cups.

All items are Reusable, Sustainable, Biodegradable or Recyclable, Fun & Handmade in Brisbane.


Frog In A Teacup's Reusable Wraps for Litterless Lunches fit perfectly into the Early Years Learning Framework as it promotes sustainable practices that can then be followed through into the home ‘As children have an enormous capacity to influence sustainable patterns and practices within their families with a ripple effect into the wider community. (Kinsella, 2007)

A fundraising drive is a smart way to raise funds whilst also raising awareness about waste and sending a strong message to our children to become active guardians of Earth.

These fundraisers are simple to organise and with a 20% return for your cause from all items purchased (excluding postage). With free personalised packaging including your logo, it’s a win win for all involved.

You will have great success creating awareness around sustainability and promoting litterless lunches throughout your community.

Tools you need to promote your campaign are provided and once parents can see the benefits and versatility, they jump at the idea.

These fundraisers tick sustainability boxes, reduce single use plastic waste and the costs associated with waste removal, are affordable, biodegradable, Australian made and owned and save families money… what's not to love?

Fundraiser Steps


  1. Complete the below form stating your preferred start date, duration and Message of Thanks which is printed on each order placed during your fundraiser.
  2. Prior to commencement, you will receive an information letter to distribute to your families via email.
  3. A set of wraps will be posted to you for display purposes.


  1. Advertise your event to your community.
  2. Parents/carers simply browse the range online, enter the unique code for your organisation and pay with either PayPal, Credit Card, or Bank transfer.
  3. Orders are posted directly to customers in packaging including your logo. Postage is paid at the time of ordering.
  4. Weekly progress reports will be sent by email.


  1. Your organization receives 20% of the total sales (excluding postage) made with your unique code at at the end of the event by Bank Transfer.

Simple Supported Sustainable Solution

My experience as a Fundraising Coordinator for several organisations through the years has given me an understanding of the challenges and rewards of the position. You will be fully supported for your fundraiser to help reach your organisations' goals for much-needed funds.

To get started, please fill in the below form and I look forward to working with you.

Kindest Regards,

Frog In A Teacup

Fundraising Application Form